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Bespoke Color Options

We’re excited to announce that we now offer an extensive palette of color options, allowing our customers to tailor their products to better align with their brand or aesthetic preferences. Through our bespoke color customization service, we provide a highly personalized experience that extends beyond standard color choices. Whether you’re seeking to match a specific shade or create a unique visual identity, our team of experts is committed to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that your product not only performs exceptionally but also looks the part

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Our Product process


We recognize that designers and engineers abroad may not be fully acquainted with the intricacies of bringing a concept to life. That’s where we step in—to actualize their visions and make them a tangible reality.

We have an extensive track record of collaborating with international clients to transform their product ideas from mere conceptualization to reality. Leveraging our wealth of experience in practical engineering, structural analysis, manufacturing, and material selection, we serve as a comprehensive resource for all aspects of product development.

Engineering & Design

We conduct exhaustive analyses of both the product and market landscape, infusing invaluable insights directly into the Research & Development phase. With years of hands-on experience in practical engineering and manufacturing, we excel at crafting detailed and actionable product briefs.

Our goal is to leverage this end-to-end design process to deliver products that are not only exceptional but also robust and reliable throughout their lifecycle. Concurrently, we are steadfast in our commitment to innovation, aiming to utilize our engineering and design expertise to bring lasting benefits to both the industry and our valued customers.


The creation of a prototype serves as a pivotal step for early evaluation of both design functionality and aesthetic appeal. This stage provides an invaluable opportunity for iterative modifications—adjustments that are far more efficiently made at this juncture than during mass production. A rigorous assessment at the prototyping stage is indispensable, as it yields critical feedback that is integrated into the subsequent manufacturing process. Leveraging our extensive experience and robust manufacturing capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to expedite the prototyping phase, thereby accelerating the overall product development timeline.

Pre-production & Testing

We possess deep familiarity with industry-specific testing criteria such as EN957-1 and ASTM F2276-10, encompassing both static and dynamic evaluations. Our long-standing collaborations with third-party laboratories like TÜV and Intertek afford us a unique advantage. Our expertise in navigating these testing stages not only ensures superior product performance but also establishes rigorous quality control parameters. These parameters serve as indispensable standards and guidelines that govern the product’s entire lifecycle.

Our manufacturing process

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Testimonials from our clients

"We were fortunate to collaborate with the Salmon Fitness team in our product's early stages. Their expertise accelerated our project's launch, saving us considerable time and resources. We are deeply grateful for their guidance and look forward to future collaborations."



    "Tony's team was instrumental in the nascent stages of my business, providing invaluable and substantial expertise in the fitness industry. Their guidance has been truly beneficial."



      "It has been a pleasure working with Salmon Fitness. Their team consistently presents a remarkable range of products, demonstrating professionalism at every step. Great job!"



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